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We at MUDIIITA believe cycling at a young age should always be fun. Through our own experiences we believe that we will see the highest chance of progression at this age when we can find a good balance in our lives. Balancing sessions on the bike around school, college, exams, travel and in general… life. We don’t believe in a strict training regime at this age, we are more about working around everything else thats going on and getting you in the best headspace, fresh legged and full of energy as you turn up on that start line ready and raring to race. We will help you get the most out of yourself without over-doing it. A good support network is vital at this point and our coaches will provide confidence and inspiration to make sure all of our riders are enjoying their cycling as much as possible. The focus will never be on performance, but more the journey and process towards the next level of the sport. (Mudiiita Juniors age bracket 14-18)

With online coaching, we’ll be in contact every other week. You’ll tell us how your sessions and races have gone, and we will do the rest to give you the best chance of excelling and use our experience to help give you the tools and sessions to keep on challenging yourself, and your competitors ;)


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We’ll have an initial chat over the phone or via email with yourself and your parents where you’ll tell us your goals and experience. This will give us a good idea of you as a rider and what you would like help with. After our initial chat we will work out a coaching plan that fits around you. Skills and drills, help with races, warm ups, cool downs, race tactics and developing your fitness will be our main objectives. We can either do this through emails or our training peaks platform, its really down to what you prefer. We will adapt your plan as the weeks progress. We will always try to answer questions as soon as possible.


Choose from one of our available coaches;

Choose your plan - Flick through our packages below and choose what is right for you;

Pow-wow - We will assess where you're at and where you want to get to;

Create - We will set you up with a complimentary TrainingPeaks account and create your detailed plan;

Press on the pedals - Time to get to work, push on those pedals and have some fun;

Evaluation - We will evaluate your training, racing and riding at regular intervals and provide you with feedback;

Analysis - We will sift through your training files and history and monitor and communicate your progression with you.


  • Initial natter either by phone or email – your choice

  • Monthly training plans – we usually plan a month at a time giving us both chance too get to know each other and get the most out of each other.

  • TrainingPeaks Premium account and set up

  • Daily planned training email notification

  • 'Zone' setting

  • Bi-weekly feedback

  • Bi-weekly revisions – for example, if you get sick and your plans need to change, you can always get in touch.

  • Monthly catch up call – Optional

  • Unlimited Emergency contact for parent or guardian

  • Bi-weekly rider contact – we can chat about training, race tactics, nutrition etc.



For peace of mind all of our coaching subscriptions have no minimum term so if you're not entirely happy (we are confident you will be) you can cancel at any time with no fees or charges.


£149 Monthly / £1499 Annual subscription  


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