Our Vision

MUDIIITA 'Cross Project



Cyclo-cross can be a mainstream sport in the UK. If the Belgians can do it then why can't we? We have the history, we have the passion. Let's change the face of 'cross and make it happen.  

Cycling has given us both so much over the years and we have always had the vision of staying close to the sport. We dream of being able to give something back by creating something new and exciting for the next generation of cyclists, leaving a lasting legacy. Through the MUDIIITA 'Cross Project, we will bring a new approach to developing, publicising and changing the face of 'cross in the UK. We aim to create a trusted network of support in a safe and professional environment alongside a series of accessible 'cross skills sessions for both children and adults, a development-focused 'cross academy and the UK's first pro 'cross team. 



• In the UK there has recently been a 100% growth in participation

• Inclusive and open to all ages and abilities

• Safe and away from busy roads

• Community - Brings families together in a healthy environment

• Engaging a spectator friendly, gateway into cycling

• Time efficient

• Exciting

The list goes on and on...



• To inspire a generation

• To create a pathway 

• To identify and nurture the next generation of peers and heroes 

• To ramp up media exposure for the sport



• Youth development

• Coaching & mentoring

• Events

• Media management

• Community engagement