Who are we?

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Nikki Brammeier  

Back in April 2016 Matt and I finally tied the knot and Nikki Harris, became Nikki Brammeier. Of course, it was cycling that brought us together more than ten years ago. So far our journey has taken us to some beautiful and crazy places and we have made so many amazing friends along the way. We both came from different cycling backgrounds; my family were usually seen buzzing about off-road whereas Matt's family stuck to the road. At the age of 18 our paths ironically crossed on the track. It's been one hell of a journey so far and we are ready to share the next part with you. 

The experiences and opportunities cycling has given us over the years are endless and we are both truly grateful to have been given those chances. No matter which path we choose to take we have always had the vision of staying close to the sport for as long as possible. We have seen first hand just what joy a simple bike ride and a bit of passion can bring. Our dream is to be able to give back to the sport, we want to create something new and exciting for the current and next generation of cyclists. This is where the idea of our cyclocross project was born. 



What does it mean? "The pleasure of finding joy in the happiness and success of others"

MUDIIITA's literal meaning stands true for us both. One of the most important things we have come to realise during our time as athletes is, the power of happiness. This alone is the key to success.  That success isn't necessarily a race victory, success is a story of growth and we want to help people grow. We want to share our experiences with others, the good the bad and the ugly, it's all part of the journey. 


The MUDIIITA Marque was inspired by the tyre tread and represents movement and progress within the sport. 


Nikki Brammeier

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Matt Brammeier

I clipped into my first set of cycling shoes at the age of 13 and after I won my first ever race I was hooked.  Since that day I've been engrossed and immersed in this beautiful sport. After so many years riding, I've managed to develop a pretty extensive network of support and contacts. I've had quite an emphatic career so far, you might say I've been through it all - career highs at the sport's top level and a couple of near death accidents... As well as life on the bike I've always been passionate about going that extra mile. I founded the Africa Kit Appeal, a charity that collects and distributes cycling kit to impoverished areas of Africa. I also helped out with the creation and evolution of the UK & Ireland national riders association, bringing new and improved safety measures and better conditions for cyclists. 

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