Summer fun!

Its been a while so I guess it’s about time I updated you all on what I've been up to :-). The last few months have been a whirlwind as always and I’ve been living my usual gipsy life in and out of a suitcase. I’ve spent the majority of the last couple of months dotting between the UK and my home here in Girona.

I’m not one to spend too long a time in any one place, I get itchy feet. Although I do like a routine, I like being able to switch up my training environments. I’m lucky to have two amazing places to sit between - Derbyshire and Girona. They are two of my favourite places in the world. Travelling in the summertime is a breeze (when the French ATC aren’t on strike) - I have an airport at both ends of my journey just 15 mins from both doors, that makes life a lot easier.

I’ve been revisiting my youth a little these last few weeks, I've spent some blocks in the UK and have had so much fun on my shiny new Specialized Epic doing some mountain biking in the Peak District. On top of that, I’ve been trying my hand at a couple of local mountain bike races back where it all began, it's been so much fun. I love being able to mix things like this into my program, they have actually been perfect races to include in my training and as we all know there's nothing like pinning a number on to drag a good effort out of you. I always feel a sense of guilt during the cross season because the race days are always so full on and busy that there isn’t any time to stop and chat with anyone that comes to support me. So I always try my best when I’m back in the UK to support the local races and give some encouragement to the kids.

Matt, my other half as also had a little go himself and so far has managed not to break any bones (not through lack of trying). I call him the cannonball when he’s on his MTB, so much speed but absolutely no control! Speaking of Matt, as you probably will have heard Matt recently announced his retirement from professional cycling which has been super exciting for both of us. Matt will be starting soon as the Senior Academy coach which will be a little bit different. He thought he had his hands full with me - wait till he has 9 feisty young lads to look after! No, in all seriousness, it’s something he has so much passion for and we both feel incredibly lucky he has been given the opportunity. After many years in the sport, he was ready for a change, after accomplishing the majority of his goals he was ready for a new focus and challenge. I’m of course really proud of his career and how he managed to overcome his setbacks and to keep going and be as successful as he was. I just hope he doesn’t forget about his pit job in the winter!

I’ve had so many messages recently from U23 and juniors enquiring about Mudiiita plans for the coming cross season. I thought I’d explain a little here. While I will be continuing as usual with a full cross-program, I will be working alongside GB CX coach and former rider Matt Ellis. We will be hosting together some Mudiiita / GB cross development camps aimed towards Juniors and U23 developing riders. - The primary goal will be to show the next generation whats needed to make that next step and help bridge that gap between domestic & international racing. The first camp will be over in Bakewell, Derbyshire sometime in early September. We will have a group of around 20 which should be super exciting for us all. In addition, Mudiiita will be providing scholarships for selected riders to travel across to Belgium to some selected racing camps and do some solid blocks of racing. After months of conversations, we feel this is the best way to use our time to help the next generation of younger riders gain the experience they need. I can’t wait to watch them progress once the season gets underway.

This weekend I’ll be back in the UK again to ride the MTB National championships at Hadleigh park. Training has been going well and I’ve even discovered some new training techniques - being chased around Girona by dogs the same size as me has kept me on my toes a few times this week!

Once this weekend is over I’ll be heading off for a few days well earned holiday before starting my final block and preparation up in Andorra for the cross season which I’m sure will bring a few more stories to share with you all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers. 

Catch you soon,


Matt Brammeier