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Nikki Brammeier  



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Nikki's cycling journey has come full circle. After starting at her local CX leagues and racing for Mars Bars, she reached the highest level of no less than four different disciplines. Nikki has won countless national titles in Cyclo-cross, Mountain Bike, Road Racing and Track and competed in numerous European and World Championships, Commonwealth Games and most recently the Olympic Games in Rio. Nikki has been most successful in the sport of Cyclo-cross; as well as winning at national and World Cup level she has won and had podium places at countless international races including some of the sport's most famous and prestigious events. Nikki brings a determined and encouraging energy to everyone she meets; an energy which her clients will reap the benefits.


Nikki's experience in the sport is second to none. Having competed at the highest level in so many different disciplines and areas of the sport her knowledge as a coach and mentor is endless.


Matt Brammeier


Road racing

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Matt clipped into his first set of cycling shoes at the age of 13, won his first ever race and was immediately hooked.  Since that day he has been engrossed and immersed in the beautiful sport of cycling. After so many years in the sport his experience, contacts and networks of support are extensive. Matt has had quite an emphatic career to date. He's been through it all - career highs at the sport's top level and some near death accidents... Alongside life on the bike Matt has always been passionate to go that extra mile. He founded the Africa Kit Appeal; a charity that collects and distributes cycling kit to impoverished areas of Africa. Matt was also the driving force behind the creation and evolution of the UK and Ireland national riders association, bringing new and improved safety measures and better conditions for cyclists. 


Matt has risen through the ranks from his local park in Liverpool to WorldTour level - World, European and Commonwealth championships. His knowledge of cycling, training and coaching make him the ideal coach and mentor to learn and progress with.


Katie Colclough


Road Racing

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Time Trial

Katie's cycling career was incredibly impressive with a world TTT title, a National road title, World Cup Points race Medals, a European Team Pursuit title plus many more inspirational cycling results under her belt. Her performances in team events are a testament to her ability to work and communicate well with a team. The knowledge and abilities needed to perform at such an incredible level are nothing short of amazing and we at MUDIIITA are honoured to have Katie as part of our team. Her motivational attributes are amazing and are such a valuable asset to her clients and riders. 


How could all of this make a difference to you? 


The amount of travel we have undertaken over the years has been mind-boggling. This has given us the ability to see the world through new eyes and to experience how other people live, work and train. Being curious requires imagination, which we believe can bring you so many positives. 


Navigating unknown destinations, events and races takes a certain kind of confidence - a lot of the time we have to had to rely on no one but ourselves. This, we believe, shows we are very independent. If there's a problem, we can usually figure it out.


Delays, accidents, illnesses, bad performance. Cycling is a tough sport and often throws up the unexpected. Our experience of dealing with all of this successfully is an indicator of how we can handle any stresses or issues likely to crop up along your journey in the calmest and most efficient way. 


Planning trips, training, equipment, races... the list can be daunting. This all requires research, budgeting and a host of other skills, all of which will come in handy as we help you progress. 


All of the new experiences and cultures we have been immersed in over the years have stimulated our brains in unique ways to be creative and to build on our knowledge and understanding of the world of cycling and sports development. 


Traveling, racing, training - we meet so many different people from all different backgrounds and cultures. We believe this has given us such amazing skills while interacting in new situations. This makes us great 'peoples' people' and we hope will make dealing and communicating with clients an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.