I’m not quite sure how I managed to keep this under wraps for so long but finally, the secret is out and I can finally share what I’ve been spending my time working on these last weeks and months. I'm sure most of you reading this have followed many a muddy Instagram post of mine but between all the bike racing life's been pretty busy putting this project together. 

Cyclocross. When I’m in the thick it totally consumes me and when I’m out of it I miss it like hell. That was the driving force behind me leaving behind my friends at Boels Dolmans and moving on to new ventures. Cross does, and always has filled me with so much happiness, the good times I’ve had in the sport already will last me a lifetime. 

I think it was some time last year, after my spill at the European Championships when I was ‘out of action’ that the thoughts and ideas started bouncing around my head. It’s often when times are a bit grim I’ve really realised how privileged I am to be doing this sport and be in the position I am today. Of course, as in all sport, being a professional is a pretty selfish game, to be at the top you have to be that way the majority of the time, but in saying that it sometimes makes me feel kind of guilty in a strange way because in order for the sport to grow then surely dedicating just a small bit of our time to sharing ideas and helping others to reach their potential would be beneficial for everyone. Having seen the sport in Europe go from strength to strength over the last few years in terms of equality for women and races being televised you can see what huge potential cyclocross has. I decided there and then that it was the time I start sharing and giving back some of the skills and knowledge that I have come to learn over the years.

How you ask? Well, we want to change the face of cyclocross in the UK. We want to share with you our years of experience both on and off the bike, we have so many stories to tell, the ride to get to where we are today has been a bumpy one at times, to say the least but its those bumps that have given us the drive and passion to help Ignite a cyclocross revolution in the UK. Throughout all ages, levels, genders. Grass routes through to international level.

Being totally honest it has really bugged me that one of the most fun, family-friendly and safe forms of cycling hasn’t been pushed more in the UK by British Cycling. It's a real shame that such a huge organisation with so many fantastic people involved hold the power to make this sport huge but simply can’t put more effort into it because their hands are tied as it's not an Olympic discipline. We hear time and time again , about how do we get people involved with the sport, how do we give kids something to focus on, how do we give them drive, a hobby a passion and its right there in front of our eyes, give kids a bike, a helmet, some encouragement with a bunch of mates in a muddy field outdoors and just watch them thrive.

Over the last few years, we have started to see some of the depth of talent coming through the ranks of the UK cross scene but we think there's huge potential to be more. With the thousands of kids racing each weekend, there must be more than one Tom Pidcock! If the Belgians can make cyclocross a mainstream sport then whats stopping the UK? 

I’ve had conversations time and time again about the shape of ‘cross in the UK and I’ll be the first to admit I’m no genius and by no means have all of the answers but it’s always been clear to me something isn’t working. It’s some kind of vicious cycle that someone needs to break. We have thousands of kids and adults racing every weekend at there local parks yet we only have a handful of riders coming through the ranks and progressing in a sport that’s clear they love so much. I have the passion and the drive for this sport to give my all, put my money where my mouth is and take things into my own hands. Hopefully, this can somehow be the start of something big and we will see more and more support from the fans, brands, governing bodies and the sport in general. I don't usually do anything by half and I'm sure the ones of you that have followed my career so far have seen that :-). 

Why the name MUDIIITA?

What does it mean? "The pleasure of finding joy in the happiness and success of others"

MUDIIITA's literal meaning stands true for us both. One of the most important things we have come to realise during our time as athletes is the power of happiness. This alone, we think, is the key to success.  That success isn't always necessarily a race victory, success is a story of growth and we want to help people grow. We want to share our experiences with others, the good the bad and the ugly, it's all part of the journey. 

Take a look at our project in more detail through the rest of our website, we look forward to sharing this 'cross Journey with you. 


 Nikki Brammeier (nee Harris), just a local girl from Derby who wants to make progress. 


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